Which Boise Neighborhoods Are Most Affordable

Many people looking to relocate to Boise, Idaho, are attracted by the cost of living. Besides its many strong points, like the laid-back way of living and the opportunity to be close to nature (think Greenbelt!), Boise is constantly rated among the most affordable cities in the US.

However, houses in the City of Trees do not come cheap. On the contrary, house prices are constantly rising, which is why you need to know where to look to buy a house at a decent price while making sure it is a safe neighborhood.

The red-hot sizzling Boise house market

Just to give you an idea of what to expect. The median sales price for a house in Boise was $404,000 for the period between Sep 2019 – Sep 2020, up 18,8% as compared to the previous year. Experts predict home values will go up some 13% in 2021.

These prices are fueled by the scarcity of supply with few houses being put on the market each month.

Bottom line – If you find something you like, don’t take too long to make a decision.


Here are the most affordable neighborhoods at the moment.

Southeast Boise

If you want to have the river and the Greenbelt within walking distance, you should keep your eyes on Southeast Boise. It’s a quiet residential area with a suburban feel, which also offers new and exciting shopping and dining opportunities. Although the area is highly-sought by young professionals as it is quite close to downtown Boise, the area is perfect for people of all ages. Families with small children will be happy to learn the schools in Southeast Boise are among the best in the cities, while the beautiful parks are ideal for the little ones to burn off some energy.


Collister is just a 12-minute commute to downtown Boise so you can very well work in the city, while enjoying all the benefits of living in a residential area dotted by beautiful family homes, most of them with their own large garden. Living in Collister is all about peace and quiet. The perfect place to unwind after a stressful day at the office by walking your dog or jogging along the tree-lined streets.

Most of those living in this neighborhood are homeowners, with less than 25% renters. It’s a diverse community with a high percentage of young professionals and the neighborhood has plenty to offer to this age group – family-owned restaurants and cozy coffee shops, not to mention shopping centers.

Depot Bench

Welcome to the historic part of Boise! Depot Bench was built around the city’s old railway depot. Well, that was a century ago. Today, Depot Bench is a mix of beautifully-preserved historic houses and modern architecture. The area offers a splendid view of downtown Boise which is only a six-minute drive away. Families will children should know that schools in this district are above average, while for the young professionals this neighborhood has lots of bars, coffee shops and excellent restaurants.

South Boise Village

One of the best parts to live in Ada County and surprisingly affordable, at least for now. It’s a small community, with less than 2,000 residents which perhaps explains the quiet village feel. However, the area is teeming with young professionals and students, due to its proximity to Boise State University, just a short drive away. This makes South Boise Village a smart real estate investment, as it offers great rental opportunities. It’s a great place for young people as the neighborhood is within walking distance of the Greenbelt and has an exuberant nightlife. At the same time, it’s a safe neighborhood for families with children and the schools are among the best in Boise.

West Valley

Definitely one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Boise, West Valley gives you the feeling of living in the suburbs. The area is known for its modern houses built on old-style streets with broad sidewalks and bright street lamps. Sort of old meets new. Residents take pride in their well-maintained gardens and, as a matter of fact, two-thirds of them are homeowners, striving to make the West Valley a safe and welcoming neighborhood.

The area is popular among young professionals who share a love of nature and there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities in the area. The West Valley offers easy access to the Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve, with its inviting trails and stunning views of the lake.

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