Top Public Schools in Boise Idaho

For families with young children moving to Boise, Idaho, the number one priority is finding a good school. In most cases, people will overlook price, square feet or amenities and choose a house that is close to a top school. To help you narrow down your search let’s just say from the very beginning that the best schools in the City of Trees are in Boise Independent School District and West Ada, which serves to explain why house prices are so high in these areas.

And here is a list of the best public schools in the Boise area, from elementary schools to high schools.

Highlands Elementary School

Highlands Elementary School is located in the Boise Independent District and has grades K-6, as well as pre-K. The school, which has 312 students, is situated in a picturesque corner of the Highlands neighborhood.

Highlands Elementary boasts excellent achievements, with 83% of its students ranked as proficient in English and 75% proficient in Math, which is well above the state average for the respective categories.

Collister Elementary School

Also in the Boise Independent District, there’s another of the best schools Boise has to offer. Collister Elementary school has pre-K and K-6 grades, attended by a total of 246 students, as of 2021. Collister is especially recommended for those who believe in free-range parenting. Kids here spend a lot of time in the playground adjacent to the school and parents have little to worry since it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Boise. In terms of achievements, the school boasts 87% of its students proficient in English and 85% proficient in Math.

Longfellow Elementary School

Another pre-K to 6th grade school with a very good rating is Longfellow Elementary School, once again in the Boise School District. The school is known for its diversity and is very welcoming to students with disabilities. Longfellow Elementary stands out for its focus on international studies. Students get to learn about a new country every month. Students rank very high in proficiency in English and Math, and 85% of them are proficient in Science as well.

Hidden Springs Elementary School

The school is located in the planned community of Hidden Springs and has 343 students in grades K-6. It is customary for children in the area to walk or ride their bike to school, enjoying the fresh air of the tranquil area. According to the latest testing data, two thirds of the students are proficient in English and 56% in Math.

East Junior High

Most of the children who go to an elementary school in Boise Independent School District move on to East Junior High, which has 729 students, grades 7-9. The school has a 17-1 student teacher ratio, which is very good for a public school. East Junior High is more ethnically diverse than other schools in Boise and ranks above state levels in terms of English and Math proficiency.

North Junior High

North Junior High has a student population of 995, in grades 7-9. While it ranks above state averages in terms of English and Math proficiency, the school made a name for itself as one of the best educational institutions in Boise for creative students. The school is well-known for its impressive dramatic arts, visual arts and music programs.

Boise High School

One of the oldest schools in the city, Boise High School has 1,521 students grades 9-12. Students at Boise High School rank very high in state testing. 78% of the students are proficient in English, 77% are proficient in Science, while 61% score as proficient in Math.

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